City of EnidThe Enid Parks and Recreation Department will be using a new web based program for online recreation registration and management. Park pavilion and facility rental can now be done online or at the Parks and Recreation office at 1110 W. Spruce Avenue.

It is now easier for the public to rent park pavilions or city property like Champion Gym or Champlin Pool. By using the new online program potential renters can now see what days are available and choose the day that best suits their needs. Facility rental can still be done in person but will take place at the Parks and Recreation office instead of the downtown Administration building.

“The new program is to make the facility rental process as easy as possible. This new program will give the user the opportunity to make reservations from anywhere that they have internet access.” – Cole Whatley

Although most transactions will take place on the city website, Parks and Recreation staff are more than willing to assist in any way to help ensure the renting process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions please contact Cole Whatley at the Parks and Recreation office at 1110 W Spruce Ave,, or call 580-616-7210.