The bastion of freedom in our town, the Enid News & Eagle, has once again came to our defense.  They have asked for our slothful City Commissioners and City Administration to take pause from their regular dart throwing decision making process and hold a town hall meeting on the all important issue of our future sources of water.  Kudos Eagle.  Kudos.

enid newsThis issue is all too important for the usual speedy process of a quick vote during the routine 15 minutes council meetings we are accustomed to seeing.  This water issue will be around for generations to come.  Most of the commissioners will likely be long gone by that time.  And of course, the Enid News & Eagle as well.

We have absolutely NO evidence that they have done any studying of this issue.  Yes, they have had NUMEROUS “public” study sessions where they were briefed by hired consultants.  But there was food present.  When food is present, nobody pays attention to anything but buttered rolls.  BUTTERED.DAMN.ROLLS.  Who among us can eat and do anything else at the same time I ask?

However, The Route 60 Sentinel came into possession just yesterday a document that is somewhat forward thinking of the commission.  In the document, that was seemingly passed around possibly during a meeting, one commissioner asks to another, “what do you think we should do about this water issue?”  The other commissioner replies, “If you’re getting up, I’ll take a Dasani out of the fridge.”  Boom.  Problem somewhat averted.  More bottled water.  This however would require command a larger effort in the recycling program.

But perhaps the Eagle should just host a town hall on everything.  A monthly town hall on all things.  They’d do better at it.  Because they really just do know what’s best for us all.