Enid Police DepartmentOn September 11, 2014 at 6:06 A.M. the Enid Police Department Narcotics Unit served a search warrant at 706 Choctaw, Enid, OK. Upon making entry into the residence four occupants were located inside and one of them was identified as 56 year old Larry Murray. All of the occupants inside the residence were detained and advised of a search warrant for the residence.

 During the search of the residence, officers located a locked bedroom door. The door was forced open, at which time several drug related items were observed in plain sight, by officers conducting the search. These items included Methamphetamine, Marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Also observed in the same room was a loaded 9 mm handgun, which was in close proximity of the Methamphetamine and Marijuana.

larry murrayA thorough search of the residence was then conducted by Detective Frazee and other officers. Detective Frazee found Mr. Murray to be in possession of approximately 4 ounces of Methamphetamine with a street value of $11,200.00. Also located were items used for resale, distribution and consumption of Methamphetamine. These items included several electronic digital scales, numerous coin size zip lock baggies and several packages of syringes. A total of three handguns were discovered inside the residence.

Detective Frazee conducted an interview with Mr. Murray and found that Mr. Murray wasn’t currently employed and sold the Methamphetamine to make extra money. It was discovered the only subject with keys to the locked room was Mr. Murray. Mr. Murray admitted to using Methamphetamine as recently as the previous night. A ledger was located in Mr. Murray’s bedroom indicating names and dollar amounts of those who had made purchases of Methamphetamine from Mr. Murray. A total of $1,260.00 was located with the ledger.

Mr. Murray was placed under arrest for Trafficking of Methamphetamine, Possession of a firearm after former felony conviction, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Proceeds and Possession of Paraphernalia. Mr. Murray was the only subject arrested at the residence because the other three occupants were not aware of Mr. Murray’s dealings. Mr. Murray was transported to the Garfield County Detention Center and detained on the above charges.