Coveted booth space for the upcoming Tossed finale at the Enid Event Center is still available according to event co-coordinator, Amy Kelly of T&A Productions.

“There is still space available,” she said when reached for comment.  “However, if people want a space, they should get a space sooner rather than later.”

“We also have some sponsorship opportunities available,” Kelly added.  “The sponsorships are tiered to allow for most any budget.”

“Tossed!” is a cooking competition much like ones seen on television.

Tweleve contestants were chosen to compete in four preliminary rounds with the winners of each one moving on to the final showdown that will take place from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, October 4 at the Enid Event Center.

During the preliminary rounds, contestants have one hour to prepare an entrée with secret ingredients on one of three cooking instruments – an electric wok, an electric skillet, or an electric grill.  The contestants draw which instrument they will cook on at the beginning of each competition. Contestants are given mystery items they have to use in concocting a tasty and viable dish.

There is a “pantry” of community items they are able to use from and each station is set up with utensils and basic preparation items. Each contestant is also allowed to bring one “secret ingredient” that may or may not help them in the competition.

During the finale, the stakes will be higher with the contestants having to prepare three dishes – appetizers, entrees, and desserts – rather than just one in the preliminary rounds.

“It’s going to be a true test of instinct and knowledge about food and how well folks can deal with pressure – and it’s going to be a lot of FUN to watch!” said co-coordinator, Tammy Wilson.

To contact T&A Productions, you can email them at or call (580) 402-6732