Everyone remembers Michelle Bays right?  No?  Let me refresh your memory.

This is Michelle Bays.

Michelle Bays

Michelle Bays

Ok.  Some of you recognize the picture but still don’t remember the story.  And let’s not judge the picture.  Portrait photographers are hard to find.  And the guys out at the detention center aren’t that snazzy with the camera.

In early November, she was arrested and charged with 31 counts of embezzlement and obtaining money by false pretenses.  She was accused of taking approximately $150,000 in cash and merchandise from St. Mary’s Hospital and approximately $60,000 from Springs Internal Medicine.  Of course there is a whole lot more to that story, like how she did it, got away with it, ultimately was caught and arrested. I looked around for the best article to point you towards and believe it or not, the Enid News & Eagle did the best job of copying and pasting from the affidavit and covering the initial controversy.  Much easier for me to just give you a link to read that.

Article about Michelle Bays

Now, comes the interesting part.  You’ll notice that in that article, she bonded out on a $15,000 bond.  So, what has she been up to in that time?  Turns out, pretty much the same thing.  You see, before she came to Oklahoma, Ms Bays worked in Austin, Texas for “Specially for Children.”

Now, bear with me.  Because things get tricky here.  And dots are not completely connected.  All I am saying is, is that Ms Bays….well….

Michelle Bays

Michelle Bays

That’s our girl.  At least Travis County let her change first I guess.  But they didn’t get her to look at the camera. Travis County portrait photographers are no better than Garfield County.

I know what you’re probably wondering now:  “What are the charges?”  To which I would reply: “Really?”

However, here’s why it’s tricky.  I’m not a lawyer.  And Texas is incredibly difficult apparently to get information from.  Because this is all that I can find, but it does reveal quite a bit of information.

Inmate Information

Theft OVER $200K.  She was sentenced to 100 days, which we almost have to believe was a plea.  While I have been unable to verify it, there has to be restitution involved as well.  I will keep looking for that number.  I’m not done looking into this.  In fact, I’ve been looking into this for quite a while, it’s just been extremely difficult to get information.  I want to thank my anonymous source for their help.  Thanks.

When you combine the KNOWN $200K from Texas (Keep in mind, it will be more than that total amount) and the $210K from here, Bays has taken at the minimum over $400K.  Wow.

Look at the portrait photographers $400K can get you folks.