So, remember this headline?

Dying Dinosaur




First, don’t you just love more government bureaucracy?  I digress…

Second.  Pay attention to that secondary headline.  “Discussion in Enid City Commission study session gets heated.”  That’s an attention grabber right?!  Well, holy crap, I’ve got to read on!

A proposed ordinance to regulate mobile food vendors generated a heated discussion between a city commissioner, who is coordinating a food truck festival, and Enid’s city attorney in a meeting Tuesday.

Oh, good God.  It involved Tammy Wilson.  So, you know it MUST be good right?  Screw the paper, I’m going over to YouTube to watch it on ETN’s archived feed.

But I can’t.  Turns out, they moved the Study Sessions back down to the basement that night and don’t have cameras down there.  They DO plan on installing them down there however.  Well a lot of good that does us in this situation.  Dang it.  Guess the portable cameras we purchased were in storage or something.  I read the rest of the shoddy article, which only made me wonder if the paper had tied up poor Dale Denwalt in a dungeon and he needed help at the moment.  Someone should look into it.

On a lark, I emailed former candidate for Ward 5 Commissioner, Diane Levesque.  She attends the Study Sessions and films them herself.

Diane was more than happy to upload her copy of the portion of the event in question.  The only caveat was she would place her political commentary on it.  Enjoy that if you’re into that.  Ignore it if you’re not.  But she is the only source of the video and we’ll take it anyway we can get it.

The first video leads into the discussion about the ordinance about mobile food vendors.  You hear the city attorney explaining everything about it. You will see that there are lot of times Diane films the clock.  What she is doing is noting the time that something happens.
So, without further ado…

One thing to note is that study sessions are not formal meetings.  No votes are taken.  Members are free to talk to each other and minutes are not taken.  They are free to go to the kitchen.  They are free to go outside and take a call.

The video, in my opinion, is clear.  I see no heated discussion.  I have attended many, many study sessions and have seen heated discussions.  This is NOT that.

And sadly, this is not the end of the headline controversies (pun intended).  To further confuse things, if you go to the ENE website (Don’t though…unless you have one of your 30 day credits left), you don’t get that same headline you get in the physical newspaper to click on.  The headline you get?

Controversy erupts over regulating mobile food vendors

What does all this mean?  The Dying Dinosaur is very clearly trying to use words to manipulate the audience.  It’s click bait.  The problem is, it portrays the City in a negative way to the citizens and that’s what they’ve done for years.  While the paper has an obligation to keep an eye on government for the citizens of the town, what it does not have the right to do is make shit up.  None of the parties involved in this discussion felt it was controversial or adversarial.  Report the news, don’t make it up.  Had Wilson, Ezzell, or the City Attorney called each other names slammed hands to the table, thrown papers, pointed fingers at each other, then we can talk about controversy or heated discussions.

And in the end, isn’t that what we want?  Don’t we want our commissioners to be having discussions with each other and staff during the study session?  Don’t we want them to have passion about our town and even speak passionately about it?  No, we don’t want them to get out of hand, but certainly having good discussions and not just “Yep, sounds good” type discussions is far superior for our town in the end.


Video Credit:  Diane Levesque (YouTube Channel: