I ventured out late yesterday afternoon to take some pictures.  What I present here was only a sampling.  But for time and space, here you go:

First up, is the West Randolph Street Bridge.  As a matter of reference, most times, there is maybe at most a foot of water in this drainage ditch.

West Randolph Bridge

Next, I went to Meadowlake.  I’ll let those photos sort of speak for themselves except to say one thing.  It was almost nuts how many people were at the park.  You would have thought the park was open, train running, carousel music playing, and the new Ferris wheel going.  Maybe the Kiwanis were missing an opportunity, but there were people definitely taking their lives into their own hands out there.  Walking across the railroad bridge….the big one.

Meadowlake Railroad Bridge

Meadowlake Park

Meadowlake Park

Now, the lake itself was massive.  It had breached its banks on the east end.  Well, really on all ends.  But it had created an island that encircled the main pavilion on the east end just south of the train depot and carousel.  I believe this is by design.  I have a massive panoramic shot of the park, but it’s obviously rather large.  I’m putting a much smaller low-resolution version here.

Meadowlake Park (Low Res)

This next shot, I was amazed by.  This is Boggy Creek going down the eastbound side of Garriott Road towards 30th.  The rapids were absolutely WILD.  Waves were kicking probably 10ft high at some points.  I simply raised my camera and clicked off a bunch of shots hoping to get something.  This is what I was able to get.  It absolutely infuriated me to no end, later as I traveled west bound to see some lunatic pulled over on the side of the road to take a shot of it.  They did not even bother to put on their emergency blinkers or anything.  Folks, if you want to die taking shots of some cool flood waters, that’s on you.  But please be kind enough to not try killing other people who might not see you and hit you.  That’s absolute ignorance.

Eastbound Garriot Road


That’s a LOT of water.  Anyone else glad they repaired that bridge?

30th Street Bridge 1



This is from Market Street looking into Brookside.  It was unnerving to see raging water at street level and so close to the back door of those homes.

From Market St.



This was at 3rd and Walnut.  The water had already gone over the bridge and took over the street for quite a while.  It was cool to see the Route 60 logo float by while I was there though.  Had to snap a picture of that.

3rd and Walnut

The canal at Cherry and Washington was full.  It could really not hold much more water at all.

Cherry and Washington

Can you think of a finer time to take your dog to the dog park than during a flood and when the park is under water?  Seriously?  Who does that?!

Crosslin Dog Park

This is the parking lot at Crosslin.  I can safely say that if there are any baseball games tonight, they are cancelled.

Crosslin Park

If you have pictures that were taken safely, please feel free to send them to me via Facebook or email them to me at route60sentinel@gmail.com.