I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t say something about Captain Dean Grassino.

Captain Dean Grassino

Captain Dean Grassino

Dean was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He moved around a bit working jobs he didn’t care for before he finally landed in Enid. It was in Enid he made the decision to become a law enforcement officer. Dean started off in the patrol division. From there he made the lateral move to traffic. Grassino then became a Detective in the Investigative division. It wasn’t such a stretch for him then to move to narcotics. It was there, he received a promotion to Sgt. As a Sgt., he did additional stints in patrol, narcotics, and the investigative divisions. He was later promoted to Lieutenant and ultimately Captain.

Grassino has probably seen it all and done it all after 26 1/2 years in our community as a law enforcement officer. The worse and the best of people.  Tragedy and defeat.  Heroism and selflessness.

Dean is now retiring from the Enid Police Department​. I feel extremely lucky to have come to have known Dean through my work on the Sentinel. Indeed, the Department and our community are better for having Dean here in it all these years. As you can tell by the pictures, Dean is absolutely ready for retirement. Go enjoy it Dean. You’ve earned it.