Wanda WastewaterENID, OK – Reports have revealed that the water table in the area has been steadily decreasing over the past few years, leaving local residents to wonder about the many causes possible for this drop. Many have proposed that it was several years of drought, and others are certain it is due to new industry in the area. After years of investigation and speculation, it has now been determined that a certain homeowner, Wanda Wastewater who lives in a West Central Enid neighborhood, is the actual cause. For many years she has been laboring under the delusion that just because she has a water well, it is completely ok to water a 3 ft. by 3 ft. square section of lawn and 10 yards of the street all day, every day, throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Meanwhile, Enid residents recently voted to make more water available from Kaw Lake to remedy the situation.  All attempts to reach Ms. Wastewater were met with swift swings of a cane and loud squeals and some minor ankle injuries were sustained from a scuffle with her 7 small dogs. (Ok, the lady has 5 weiner dogs, but they seem more like 7…and that’s not even mentioning the cat.  Oh, Lord…the cat.)