Oklahoma has the 12th highest tax burden in the nation when adjusted for cost of living. Why is that?

Take a look at this information from WalletHub.  It has a copious amount of information regarding taxes and which states have the lowest and highest rates.

Oklahoma LicenseThen I would like you to think about how our legislature has completely bungled the REAL ID Act. Oklahomans will have to travel with passports or some other form of ID because our driver’s licenses are not compliant with national standards. The legislature has refused to change laws to allow this to be corrected.


Why does Oklahoma always seem to be such a contrarian state that holds its constituents back rather than empowering them? I hear people complain about the Oklahoma legislature a lot. Like more than even Congress perhaps. But hey!  I’ve got an idea.  Let’s keep voting those same hacks back into office.

What?! NO! Stop it! We simply have to stop. But that’s what we are doing. We simply can not keep sending them back when we are not happy with what is happening. We have to hold them accountable.  Look, Oklahoma is overwhelmingly Republican.  So, they just line up and vote Republican.  No surprise.  But Republican voters need to start looking closer at things.  Democrats and Independents need to look at mounting stronger opponents in some cases (not the Senate race…it’s fine. 😎 ).

Before the election, Route 60 will issue endorsements in some of the races.