The Route 60 Sentinel

About the Route 60 Sentinel

The Route 60 Sentinel is an online news, editorial, and humor blog for Northwest Oklahoma.  The Sentinel is entirely comprised of volunteer bloggers and citizen journalists.  Content ranges from completely serious to utterly absurd.


Featured Writers:

Mark KeeferMark Keefer (Primary Editor and Co-Founder):

Mark was born and raised in Northwest Oklahoma.  As a child, he watched as the T-37s and T-38s roared over head.  He smelled Champlin Refinery in all of its glory and later saw the glow in the sky from the fire.  He was nearly ran over numerous times by farmers during harvest.  He attended Tri-State back when it was more than a one hour event and the carnival wasn’t “over there by the pool hall.”  Yes, Mark is a true Northwest Oklahoman.  Fun Fact:  Mark hopes one day to be inducted into the mythical “City Fathers” club in Enid.



Melodie LundayMelodie Lunday (Editorial Board Member & FB Admin)

Melodie Lunday is an Artist for Reborn Artwear, a wife, and mother of a teenaged daughter, who has spent 6 years volunteering in Enid Public Schools.




Linus BlackLinus Black:

Linus was born in Enid, where he lived for the first 18 years of his life. He attended SWOSU, where he earned both a bachelors degree and a Masters. Since then, he has wandered around western Oklahoma, spending time living in Weatherford, Alva, and finally Woodward.



Kristi BaldenKristi Balden:

While writing for various blogs and websites has been something I’ve only dabbled in for the last couple of years, writing has always been a part of who I am. My family is probably more excited than I am about my new adventure here on the Route 60 Sentinel. These are the kinds of pieces that my family was forced to read because they were the only audience I had for my strange brand of meaningless humor. To know that there are even a few people out there who share my desire to smile about something stupid, is heart-warming.

Eric BielawskiEric Bielawski:

Eric Bielawski joins the Route 60 Sentinel a well traveled man.  A veteran of many worldly armed conflicts, Eric has spent time in Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, briefly in Canada, and finally Northern Oklahoma.  An opinionated man, Eric is not one to bite his tongue, primarily because it was cut off in a P.O.W. camp.  Seriously.  Eric lives in a small, but cozy log cabin with his trusty German Shepard, Adolph.  Eric has no wife, but has 5 kids.  Anke & Dietrich Bielawski of Berlin, Germany; Carl Bielawski of Seoul, South Korea; Phuoc Bielawski of Da Nang, Vietnam; and Eric Bielawski (Jr)-Jones of Montreal, Canada.  Eric spends his days crafting hand-carved canoes, weaponry, and reading.



Heather MeindersHeather Meinders:

Heather has lived most of her life in Northwest Oklahoma, except for her college years, which were spent on the west coast.  She considers herself an independent, opinionated woman, and a committed professional.
In college, Heather was actively involved with several student activist organizations, including PETA, Green Peace, and Amnesty International.  She considered herself an active vegan for many years, however, that all changed once she came home to Oklahoma.  Heather now proudly eats meat on a regular basis.