Author: Keith Ames

Girl Power

It’s the time of year when seniors take a walk catapulting them from child to adulthood.  Thankfully the ceremonies seem to have gotten shorter, but the speakers are still boring, the babies still loud, and the graduation march remains the same.  But this past Friday, while listening to a young lady’s valedictorian address, I thought about a recent article in Time Magazine concerning the State of Women in America. While this government study focused on many issues, it is 97 pages long, I want to highlight a change occurring in America’s colleges, where future businesswomen and political leaders are being cultivated. Before I delve into the content of the research, I’ll cite a 2004 study compiled by William Draves of the Wisconsin-based Learning Resources Network. Boys vs. Girls • Boys receive 70 percent of D’s and F’s. • Girls receive 60 percent of A’s. • Boys constitute 80 percent of high school dropouts. • Among high school graduates, boys’ mean GPA is 2.83, compared with 3.05 for girls. • Fewer and fewer males are showing any ambition to attend college. These statistics may or may not be surprising, but they are the new reality.  Larger numbers of females are valedictorians and salutatorians than ever before (check the newspapers), and in recent years, a greater number of female students have been college bound as well. Among 2009 graduates, 73.8 of...

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