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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Arizona

New York Times report Gabrielle Giffords, Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona, was shot in the head at a “Congress On Your Corner” event in Tucson today, January 8, 2011. It is unclear at this time whether she has survived. Various news sources have announced that she is dead; however, The New York Times article cited above quotes hospital spokesperson Darci Slater as saying Ms. Giffords is in surgery. Early releases are giving conflicting information. Others were shot and killed, perhaps staffers, perhaps a Federal...

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Looking For Roxanna

It rained this spring And rained And rained And rained through early summer Rivers running high And ditches overflowing Creeks and ponds stretching Itchy fingers into fields And the grass grew The wild grass Tall and thick and heavy From roots sunk deep Into the Ogallala That maverick aquifer That incites the prairie To revolt And in the dry days of autumn The grass rattled dry stems A warning A dry reminder Of lost places Where the wind kicks dirt In defiance and white face cattle cross the line On a shale road in December I am looking for Roxanna Where the dust curls Around the Honda And the oil truck and I Must negotiate a truce Between broken barbs of wire I am looking for Roxanna Driving to the beat Of the walking beams Stone school and country store Somewhere in the grass At the intersection Between now and then Behind the twisted wire Where time and rust And broken trust And sun and ice And forgetfulness Have left them derelict Under the watchful sky Blue wings shot with white A caution of green Winter wheat that holds red clay Against the slide into ravine Dry wash and gully And cattle pond I am looking for Roxanna Lost in silver blue stem Prairie dropseed Side-oat grama And rosinweed Indian grass Cord grass Switch grass And wild indigo And...

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Santa Arrives in Hennessey!

Santa is on his way and will arrive at the Hennessey Public Library at 6:30pm this Thursday, December 2nd! The Friends of the Library will have dollar hot dogs available for hungry parents who come early to visit our jolly guest. There will also be Helen Cline’s Legendary Cider and yummy homemade cookies in The Brick. Miss Audry will be doing crafts with the youngsters in the children’s room and the Hennessey Lions Club will give away a bag of candy and treats to every child. There is also a book table with free books for both adults and children. Come join us for the start of the Christmas season in Hennessey. Cameras are...

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The Greatest Gift

You gave me the best the richest gift of all you gave me the house on the hill the best years when you were young and happy and full of fire You gave me a sister to love a baby brother all my own cousins and the family intact laughter singing in the car more laughter the stories tall tales over dishes still more laughter and a rock hill bright with diamond dust and amber and crystal How can you say I was deprived that I missed the riches the good years when the struggles were over when the house was yours and had heat in the winter cool air in summer When you had deep black dirt to plant and places to go and cars you did not have to push or roll down that rock hill to start on Sunday morning How can you say I was not there when you were rich I am the richest of us all I had you and the rock house on the...

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