Author: Mark Keefer

2010 Grammy Review

The 2010 Grammy Awards were held last night. As usual, I did not watch because, well…its 2010. People kind of stopped watching award shows in the 1980’s didn’t they? So, I thought it apropos to turn in a little run-down of the winners and losers of the awards.

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Ladies and Gentleman, this just in to the Route 60 Sentinel newsroom. Its gonna snow. Like a whole lot. I am pretty sure that I heard Rick Mitchell saying something like about 36 ” of snow and 3″ of freezing rain. Snow drifts are expected to be somewhere around 34′ tall. Yeah, it is gonna be bad. Instead of being calm and doing preparation, I think we should all panic. You know, like the weathermen are doing. Lets all rush to the store and pay jacked up prices for stuff. Stock up on the necessities like Slim Jims and root beer. Forget that. Do not stock up. Hoard. At all costs. Do not let that little old lady in front of you grab the last pack of Trident. It might save your life! Of course, it will be all for not. Death Storm 2010 is gonna kill us all. Rick said it...

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