I am offering recognition to any business, organization, private individual, or business professional who will simply do the following:

1.  Declare they are for equal treatment of all people regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other personal trait, characteristic of an employee, client, or customer.

2.  Declare they do NOT condone the actions of any other business who discriminates in any way.

3.   Declare they will not frequent any such establishments that discriminate in any way.

4.  They will encourage people they know and/or employ to not frequent any such establishments that discriminate in any way..

In return, I will gladly publish their name as a “Friend of Equality” on the Route 60 Sentinel.  Further, for any business or business professional, organization, or non-profit I will provide a FREE ADVERTISEMENT on the main page Route 60 Sentinel’s website.  An individual can simply have their name listed below if they wish!

I am against discrimination in my home town!  I do not want to frequent businesses that discriminate based reasons listed above.  Rather, I want to give recognition and praise to those who condemn such behavior.  Our community should support businesses that treat people properly!



Andrew Allen
John Arend
Sean Byrne
JoNita Cannon
Roberta Downing
Samantha Dunaway
Chris Feeney
Jamie Garen
Tina Gregg
Laura Headrick
Norma Kaiser
Mark Keefer
Amy Kelly
Dave Kennedy
Tim Larsen
Shelley Larsen
Nomi Littlefield
Bonnie Ludlow
Melodie Lunday
BJ Marsh
Shirley McCoy
Erica Norman
Jennifer Ortiz
Austin Redding
Carla Redding
Randy Redding
Stef Riggs
Kimberly Semrad
Eldon Stephens
Catina L Sundvall MCP, LPC
Jeremy Wallace
Terry Washburn
Tammy Wilson



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