Emergency Preparedness

Rotating Storm

In Oklahoma, it is not uncommon for extreme weather to occur. Whether it’s severe or tornadic thunderstorms or snow or ice storms in the winter, things can change at a moment’s notice.  Frequently, we enter into drought conditions or extremely dry weather patterns that put areas at risk for wildfires and often, burn bans can be put into place. Finally, there are always the unforeseen emergencies that could possibly happen. After all, it’s not always weather that could cripple a town or area.  So, what do we do in all of these situations? We prepare ourselves. How do we do that? By staying informed. This page is set-up to help you find that information.


The Office of Emergency Management for Garfield County’s website is a fantastic source of knowledge. Director of Emergency Management Mike Honigsberg updates each day in the blog section. He gives a brief update about what might be happening in the coming day(s) in terms of weather and often gives valuable advise and tips on preparedness.http


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